Introducing Boom Home Medical

Home health care products that actually belong in your home.




No one wants to bring the hospital into their home.

Boom has reinvented Home Medical Equipment for toiletry, bathing, dressing, and mobility to fit perfectly with your life.

Unlike geriatric-looking medical products which are embarrassingly out of place in your home, Boom provides beautifully designed, highly functional, and easy-to-use products that empower people to care for themselves with dignity.

You deserve dignity

That's why we created Boom Home Medical.

Who we are

We believe everyone deserves dignity in home health care - in fact we believe in it so much we've made it our mission. No one should settle for intimidating, uncomfortable, geriatric-looking health care products, so we’ve set out to create beautifully designed products built around your health care needs, seamlessly integrated into your life, and just as appropriate in your home as you are.

Byrdie & Dr. Valerie
Founders | Boom Home Medical 


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