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Loona is comfortably designed for the female anatomy, and can also be called a urination device, pee bottle, bedside urinal, travel urinal, or bedpan, and can be used used for travel, camping, nocturia, frequent urination, surgery recovery, and injury recovery in the hospital or home.

Unscented personal wipes for at home or on-the-go. Hypoallergenic and infused with natural aloe and chamomile to help soothe your skin, Boom Home Medical wipes keep you feeling clean and fresh wherever life takes you.

Color: Loona Blue

Loona's soft contoured funnel is designed to align effortlessly, to fit just right.

Loona's lid is designed to snap closed to protect against spills and keep liquid where it belongs - inside your Loona.

Its handle allows you to easily position Loona at just the right angle for you.

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Color: Loona Blue


No bathroom, no problem. Loona and wipes, the perfect combo for at home or on-the-go.



• Height 9" x Base 5"
• 30oz Night-Sized
• Durable Plastic
• Silicone Funnel


• 60 Count
• Made with biodegradable fibers
• Cruelty-free
• Made in USA with globally sourced components
• No added alcohol and paragon

The first female urinal that actually belongs by your bedside.
Loona is night-sized at 30oz.
Loona has a flow diverter to quiet the sound of urination so you won't disturb your partner.
To use the Loona simply grasp the handle on either side and hold the urinal snugly against your vulva. Then urinate as if you were on the toilet. You can do this seated on the side of your bed or standing up, whatever you find most comfortable.
No, the Loona should be used standing or leaning
Cleaning your Loona is simple. Start by removing and rinsing off the funnel. Then empty the contents of your Loona into the toilet or sink. Add warm water (it’s up to you if you include a pump of liquid soap) and swish it around a bit before emptying that too. Finally, turn the Loona upside down and leave it to dry.
The Loona holds up to 30 ounces and is designed to last all night.
Waking up to use the bathroom several times a night is common for many women. Getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom is not only stimulating to the nervous system, it’s potentially dangerous as many injuries occur on the way to and from the toilet. Urinating bedside not only allows you to fall back to sleep faster, it helps protect you against slips, falls, and other middle-of-the–night mishaps.
Until recently it was thought that urine was completely sterile. While that’s been disproven, urine is still remarkably clean. Many people are surprised to learn that most urine contains fewer bacteria than the glass of water they keep by the side of their bed!
Urine is composed mostly of water and fresh urine usually has a mild smell. Nevertheless, to ensure your bedroom stays fresh, the Loona is designed with a snap-close lid that helps trap odors. If you empty and rinse your Loona daily, smell is unlikely to ever be an issue – for you or your bed partner. (All bets are off though if you eat asparagus!)
Asking for help to use the bathroom can be embarrassing for anyone. The Loona is designed with this in mind. As long as you’re able to sit up on the side of your bed or stand up safely next to it, most people are able to use it without assistance.
If they’re a sound sleeper, probably nothing! The Loona’s silicone funnel and patented waterfall bottle make for a quiet go. You’re more likely to wake up your bed partner getting out of bed and walking to the toilet than using the Loona bedside.
Personal wipes can be a great alternative for toilet paper. Using them is simple. Simply open the package, unfold the wipe, and gently wipe yourself. You can then pat yourself dry or let things air dry. Be sure to reseal the package of wipes securely to having the remaining wipes dry out. Finally, dispose of the used wipe in a waste bin although many wipes say they are flushable, wipes are notorious for causing plumbing problems.
Of course! Although Boom Home Medical wipes are specially designed to be used with our other toileting products like the Loona and Tanker, they can be used elsewhere on the body too. For example, they’re great for cleaning your hands when soap and water aren’t available and perfect for a quick all over refresh when on-the-go.
They are. Our wipes are made with ingredients that are less likely to trigger allergic reactions. To minimize the risk of skin irritation and itching, they’re specially formulated and contain fewer harsh chemicals and additives than many available wipes.Nevertheless, some people experience reactions even to hypoallergenic products, so it’s always a good idea to test personal wipes on a small area of skin when first using them.

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