Bedside Female Urinal for Older Adults and Individuals with Mobility Challenges

Are you tired of constantly worrying about getting back and forth to the bathroom safely at night? 

As women age, their bodies undergo lots of changes. Some of the most common changes women are faced with, like problems with bladder control and mobility, make things as simple as getting to the toilet difficult, if not outright dangerous. 

Now there's a solution that can bring older adult women peace of mind and relief. Introducing the Loona, the first bedside urinal that actually looks like it belongs by the bedside.

Don't let urinary issues like incontinence or mobility difficulties hold you back any longer. Invest in a portable female urinal today and give yourself the peace of mind and freedom that you deserve.

The Loona is a discreet, convenient, and hygienic way for women to go to the bathroom with actually going into the bathroom. Loona is perfect for women with limited mobility who may have difficulty getting in and out of bed (or up out of a chair) as well as women who are at high risk of falling when walking to the bathroom. Loona is also great for people who wake up repeatedly at night because they need to urinate, as getting back and forth to the toilet can really disrupt sleep. For women looking for a better night’s rest, Loona provides a simple and effective solution, allowing them to sleep more soundly and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. The Loona is also a big help for people recovering from surgery or an injury and for pregnant women.

Benefits of Having a Bedside Female Urinal As an Older Adult

Female urination devices, also known as FUDs, are becoming increasingly popular among women of all
ages. FUDs allow women to urinate while standing upright. They provide a convenient solution to many
of the challenges women face when using public restrooms, while traveling or camping, or when
confronted with medical issues that make getting to a bathroom or using a toilet difficult.

Provides a safe and convenient way for individuals who are faced with mobility issues to urinate bedside.

Helps prevent slips and falls that can occur when walking back and forth to the bathroom during the night.

Provides a discreet and hygienic way to relieve oneself (almost anywhere).

Provides a versatile solution for older adults who want to maintain an active lifestyle, as the Loona can be used both at home and while on the go.

Offers a sense of independence and freedom to older adults who may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable using a traditional bedpan or relying on a caregiver for assistance going to the bathroom.

Helps older adults get a better night's sleep by allowing them to urinate bedside and get back to sleep more quickly.

Reduces stress and strain on caregivers.

Comes in a variety of colors so the Loona can blend seamlessly into anyone’s home.

Why Loona?  

  • The Loona was designed specifically for the female anatomy with a soft silicone funnel that makes it comfortable to hold against you.
  • Its sleek design makes it the first bedside urinal that actually looks like it belongs in your home.
  • The Loona is easy to use, simply grasp the handle, hold the urinal snugly against you, and then urinate as if you were on the toilet.  
  • It’s quiet to use. Loona's flow diverter dampens the sound of your go, so you don't have to worry about disturbing a bed partner.
  • Unlike other urinals on the market which are typically flimsy and intended to be disposable, Loona is made of a durable plastic that won’t crack or leak and is made to last.
  • The Loona is reusable and simple to clean, just remove the funnel, empty its contents into the toilet or sink, and then rinse with warm water before emptying that too. 


Karyn N.

Loona is a great product for anyone who wakes up at night. So easy to use, looks nice next to a bed, perfect design. After a few nights it just became habit to use! I get right back to sleep which is the greatest benefit of all.

Lesley l.

Better nights sleep!

Loona has completely changed my sleep habits! I often wake up at night to go to the bathroom and have a hard time falling back asleep. After using Loona I have seen a huge difference in how much more rested I feel the following day! Thank you for creating this much needed product for this menopausal woman!!

Joan S.

"I use my Loona quickly and go back to sleep before I’m fully awake and thinking a thousand thoughts."

Loona looks as good at home as you do.

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4 easy Steps


Hold the Loona by the handle and position the contoured funnel against your body, making sure it aligns properly for a comfortable fit.


Relax your muscles and urinate into the funnel. 


Once you're finished, draw the Loona away from your body and store it in a secure place (somewhere it won’t get knocked over) until you can clean it.


When it's time to clean the Loona, start by removing and rinsing off the funnel. Then empty the contents of your Loona into the toilet or sink. Add warm water (it’s up to you if you include a pump of liquid soap) and swish it around a bit before emptying that too.  Finally, turn the Loona upside down and leave it to dry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A portable urinal is a container used to collect urine and, when people use the term “female urinal”, they are usually referring to one that is specially designed for a cis woman’s anatomy. Basically, these urinals are designed for anyone with a vulva.

A bedpan is a shallow container used for collecting urine (“pee”) and fecal matter (“poop”) that is constructed similarly to a toilet seat. The “seat” of the bedpan is about 4 or 5 inches wide and surrounds the entire pan, or reservoir, where the urine and feces is deposited.

A urinal, on the other hand, is designed for collecting only urine—and a “female urinal” is designed to collect urine specifically from people with female anatomy. In terms of size, urinals are generally smaller and more discreet than bedpans. Finally, while bedpans can be used by individuals confined to bed, many female urinals are more conveniently used in the seated or standing position.

When it comes to what to look for in a portable urinal, functionality is key. No one wants a urinal that will leak or, worse yet, smell, so it’s important to look for designs that are spill- and odor-proof. Other key features to consider when choosing a portable urinal include ease of use, size and capacity, and durability. Finally, consider what the urinal looks like.  Is it something that you would want on your bedside table or choose to carry with you on the go?  There’s no need for a urinal to look unattractive in your home or be embarrassing to use. 

Most portable urinals are completely self-contained. However, one additional item that many women may want to have around when using a urinal is tissues or wipes. Although, with the Loona, some women find wiping after urinating largely unnecessary, as the soft silicone funnel helps catch extra moisture.